About us

About us

• The Fles Komerc Company was founded 25 years ago. The organization is seated in Arilje. Since that time, the firm has been developing and the shop has evolved info a company with eleven employees. • The company development was directed info strengthening the production structure of the basic production program, thus increasing the production volume, introduction of new assortments, new geometry of products, new alloys and quallity products.

• We have created and maintain conditions where employees will have opportunities to develop and demonstrate their capabilities. I shall clearly and constanttly promote team work and the improvement in quallity in this bussiness phase. I recognize the engagement, needs and interest of the community as an important obligation and our vital business goal.

Procentage of work




Building work45%

• We produce

rivets, conjunctive elements, hardware, flexibile metal tubes for mechanical protection cables, flexibile metal stripwound of round cross section.

• Declaration on quality policy

“What distinguishes us from the others is our product quality and service, 20 years of experience, innovations and application of specialized knowladge”.

• Goals and quality policy

The goals and Organization quality policy are achieved through the quality management sistem functioning pursuant to the JUS ISO 9001:2008 standards, which is mandatory for all employees, without exception.

• System of quality management

By utilizing and developing the system of quality management, the FLES KOMERC employees will maintain the company reputation, competitive position and possibility of making profit by offering the market the required quality products.

• High working standards

By setting high working standards,the competitive level is constantly increased along with determination towards knowledge as the most important resource. A good and humane relationship among the employees will contribute to the achievement of gaining a high reputation of FLES KOMERC.

• Development and winning

Development and winning new products in accordance with the market demand. The strategy choice and formulation of goals sult the available company resources and provide a concrete product advantage and its acceptance by a sufficiently large and economically strong customer group.